(Pocket-lint) - Inline skating seems to be catching on in the UK and the skates once basic and simple are becoming more gadgety than ever, so pocket-lint did the honourable thing, donned a pair of the latest Salomon Motion 8 Ti’s and headed out to the park to see if we could break our necks.

The fact that we are writing this review now is a testament to the skates as we are proud to say, we didn’t fall over once, the comfort, speed and overall performance of the skates proved to be their blessing and their strength.

But why are we featuring them? Well with words like Motion Energyzer, 3D Mesh Airvent, Titalium Power Arch 2, Sensifit and Autofit it seemed only fair, after all the wording seems even more impressive that some of the most impressive gadget gadgets we get through the door.

Not only that but the last time we donned a pair of boots that had wheels on them, they were called roller skates not blades, and we’d just paid £2 to enter a dark room and go around in circles to cheesy music.

The Motion 8 Ti’s are based on the range of Salomon shoes, feature elastic laces for easy and on and off and due to the Sensifit and Autofit element, are very comfortable and supportive. Under the boot the wheels are connected via a piece of Titalium - no it’s not a typo, it’s a new material Salomon has opted to use for greater torsional stiffness. The bridge design makes the wheels closer together, which we have since found out means they allow you to go faster, and the right boot has an all too useful large rubber stopper for those worried about veering out of control.


While we have to admit we are novices at this game we were amazed by the technology now used in creating a stake that was both comfortable, study and speedy. Salomon has suggested this boot is aimed at those looking for something above the basic, but not a fully-fledged racing model. Either way we are back off to see if we can break our neck one more time.

Writing by Stuart Miles.