More and more wireless hotspots mean more chances to connect into the internet to check your mail when your out on business, but how do you know where these wi-fi spots are?

In steps the Wifi Seeker, a key ring sized device that allows you to see if you're within 300 metres of a wireless network and if so how good the signal strength is. The device itself is very simple and consists of four LEDs and a button. Push the button and it will search for any connection, after a few seconds the lights will light up according the to strength, one for poor four for very good.

The catch is that it won't tell you what the connection is called, whether it's free or not or even if you can use it. It's at this point if you want to check further you have to get your laptop out and see if you can connect in.


At £25 this is a good way of searching for a wifi network quickly and efficiently. We tested it with a number of times in a number of different places in both the UK and France. On the whole, if a network existed we found it, but not from 300metres. Still, it saved us getting out the laptop out every time to see if we could attempt to find a wireless network.

This is no frills no fuss at it greatest. The device isn't as snazzy or as sleek as some of its competitors, but it does work.