(Pocket-lint) - The Migo aims to solve that age old problem of “bugger, it's on the other computer”. Housed in a small USB memory stick, the Migo is unobtrusive, yet has the ability to hold plenty of power.

On the surface this is just any old USB memory stick and at only 64Mb this version isn't a very large one at that (they do come in sizes up to 2Gb). The unit is small, made of clear plastic and comes with the usual lanyard and extra cable in case you can't easily reach your USB port.

But the Migo's unique selling point is a small piece of software that ships on the device.

Called PocketLogin, the basic looking software allows you to use the USB key to make any PC your PC, by syncing all the relevant information so you've got it wherever you go.

Initial options include the ability to store desktop files, an Outlook inbox and Internet Explorer favourites, cookies, history and homepage.

Delve deeper and you realise that you can sync any folder on your PC while further options include you being able to set the amount of days you want the software to sync as long as it's small enough to sit on the memory stick flash-based hard drive.

Once you're synchronised, it's simply a case of plugging in the Migo to another PC. Now you have the ability to work on your Outlook items or other files as you normally would simply by clicking on a drop down image of your desktop. For extra protection the unit also features a software password in case you lose or get the Migo stolen.


The Migo is available in other sizes - up to 2Gb in fact, but with the increase in size so does the price.

The killer app here isn’t the ability to sync folders, but the IE and Outlook features and providing you aren’t someone who receives large email attachments the 64Mb should be enough to get you out of trouble and with plenty more sizes available - 128Mb, 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb there should be a Migo to fit every occasion. Simple, but effective.

This product was kindly loaned to us by www.x2muk.co.uk

Writing by Stuart Miles.