(Pocket-lint) - Suunto dominates the Scuba diving watch market, however it seems that its reign may be over with the new diving watch from Scubapro/Uwatec. But will the Scubapro Prime be able to challenge the market leader? We go underwater to find out.

According to Uwatec, the 21st century has arrived. Finally designers have accepted that people want to be able to push buttons - and not have the need to lick your fingers to use the computer out of the water.

Big improvements on the watch, aside from the buttons, include a major overhaul in looks - it is now round and stylish. The fact it is full downloadable and comes with the software included is also a bonus. To transfer the date to the PC the watch uses infrared transmission, the thoughts being that Laptops and PDAs will soon become apart of your diving kit alongside your fins. A touch for non techno-savvy downloaders is that if you do not have infra red there is a USB adapter - So all bases are covered.

The list of improvements over the old versions continues with Temperature display, full watch functions and backlight - it sound like common sense to include these, but these have been seriously lacking from Uwatec entry dive computers.


ScbuaPro/Uwatec are obviously targeting the Suunto Vyper and Gekko dive watches and judging by our tests Suunto, the market leaders, have a real battle on their hands.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.