(Pocket-lint) - For the kitchen gadget lover out there the Presso Coffee maker is perfect; it's silver, oversized and has mechanical moving parts.

The idea is simple. You load the device with enough ground coffee for one. Then pour in a measured amount of boiling water and “press” your way to a great cup of coffee.

Standing 20in tall (40in when arms raised above) the Presso Coffee Maker is a big, bold and weighty homage to Philip Stark design. We were surprised at the sturdiness of the unit, but then it has to be for it to work effectively.

The system works by you applying pressure to the boiling water to force it through the ground coffee and into a cup waiting on the metal stand below. To do this you control two large silver metal arms similar to a common two armed corkscrew. Luckily it's not tough as pulling a cork out of a wine bottle due to the size of the arms, however for this reason people with limited kitchen space should be aware of this.

With little cleaning required (you just have to empty the coffee compartment every time by bashing in out into the bin French café style) it will appeal to those looking for a low-maintenance device.


As with everything there's always a catch. Here, it's that you can only make a small cup of coffee at a time and that you have to be quick else the coffee is cold by the time you faff about pressing it.

Grumbles aside, this is a device that looks as stylish doing nothing as when its working its hardest.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.