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(Pocket-lint) - Having chosen your laptop that suits you, the next most important consideration is keeping the thing safe when you're on the move. Go into any bag section of any high street computer and shop you are confronted with the same option that the SAS have for evening wear, a lot of black!

Step forward Exspect. This newly created company are in the process of launching an exciting range of well-conceived and devilishly practical bags and the pouches onto the market to help the great unwashed move their treasured technology safely around the urban jungle.

One of the first models to hit the shelves, in this new range, is the EX710 laptop bag. Yes, I know, there is always a danger of overplaying your hand when you name a laptop bag like a sports car, but in this case the ‘snazz' is well deserved as the EX710 really stands out from competitors.

For a start it's metallic silver grey and then there's the multi-strap configuration. A number of the Exspect product offer a variety of manners to attach the bag, or pouch, to the wearer and the EX701 is no exception. It offers a briefcase grip on the top, a normal strap that runs from one corner, of the top flap to the other, and also a couriers strap, that can be concealed in the rear padding, that will allow the bag to be slung securely over one shoulder and attached to the bottom diagonal corner. For added security both straps can be used in unison, to prevent the bag from being wrenched from a shoulder or banging around too much (see images to get a better idea of what we mean).

Protection is also a vital consideration and the robust padding on the reverse of the bag will protect both computer and wearer from knocks, when being worn for extended durations. The base of the bag has been designed to be a hollow chamber, which can be access via a zip locked panel at either end. This can be used for cables and peripherals or even umbrellas and newspaper. This chamber also acts as a crumple zone, should the bag be dropped, as the computer will be kept from any direct contact with the ground.

Inside the computer nestles securely in the middle section of the bag, held in place by Velcro straps. With the businessperson in mind, there are removable sections for software CDs, business card holders and a travel document wallet, all of which lift out, for easy retrieval. For some reason, a giant clock has been included in the top of the bag, and even though the explanation for this seems a little vague, it is removable and might make a handy travel clock.


Overall the EX710 is a refreshing alternative to the standard ‘mug-me-please' laptop bag. It's comfortable to carry, whichever way you decide to wear it. There are loads of features and it will get your computer from A to B in on piece. A waterproof version should be the next step, but as an opening gambit the team at Exspect have done well to bring some colour to this hitherto ‘black' market.

Writing by Charlie Brewer.