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(Pocket-lint) - The new ‘InnerScan' system, from leading medical instrument manufacturer Tanita, is designed to perform a quick, accurate, analysis of your bodies composition to help you, and your family, maintain their health.

The body monitor resembles Buck Rogers bathroom scales, with a clear glass base with a pair of metal footplates either side. Once you are in position, with your bare feet on either of these plates, a minute electric current is passed through you body and the electronics inside calculates your body fat percentage, body water percentage, visceral fat levels, Basel metabolic rate as well as bone and muscle mass. Naturally your weigh is calculated as well, and this can be displayed in either metric or imperial units. The handbook that accompanies the scales explains what each of these measurements means and what maximum and minimum thresholds you should be within. There are also helpful little symbols that flash up to indicate if you're more of a porker than Orca.

The InnerScan can be set-up to store four people's personal details at any one time, so that accurate health computations can be made. These require you to enter sex, build, age and height. There is even a guest setting that will simply display weight without needing any other data. Configuration each of the profiles is very easy, although you will need to get your nose onto the floor or place the body monitor in your lap, as the displays options need to be altered at close quarters. Caution should be used when getting on and off the body monitor, the construction of the feet can lead to tipping If not approached with even dispersal of weight.


Overall the InnerScan body monitor's an ideal bathroom companion to keep abreast of what your body's up to. If you are considering dieting or improving your overall health and fitness then a device like the Innerscan is ideal as so much data is generated quickly. But overly complex monitors can become a double edged sword, so don't get so hung up on results that don't really mean that much, always know what the results mean.

Writing by Charlie Brewer.