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(Pocket-lint) - You're speeding along enjoying a bit of road rage when all of a sudden the Miami freeway in front of you just disappears and it's game over. A scratch on your disc has crashed the game. You can start again but it is very likely the problem will happen again and again. This is when Skip Dr comes in useful. The gadget claims to repair abrasions and light to medium scratches on discs. It claims to work on all sorts of discs including music CDs, DVDs and games console discs. You put the disc in the motorized holder and spray it with a resurfacing solution. Once the holder is switched on, the disc spins very rapidly and the solution resurfaces the protective layer. The music, movie, data or game information, which is held in an aluminium layer under a protective lacquer, remains unaffected.

We put Skip Dr to the test on our Grand Theft Auto Vice City disc. The game was stopping just as we reached a good speed for mowing people down. After treatment, both the scratch and the problem with crashing had disappeared. We also repaired music CDs that were jumping. This motorized version is easier to use than the cheaper, manually operated Skip Dr.

The gadget does not work if discs are deeply gouged, warped or cracked. Nor does it repair scratches on the labels on discs which can sometimes be the more vulnerable side if you've applied them and they've gotten caught. A scratch across the metal, label side of a CD makes it skip or become unreadable. Everything you need to repair discs is included in the box, although we quickly ran out of resurfacing solution. A replacement accessory set, which is enough to repair 50 discs, costs about £10.00.

To recap

A useful gadget for those who can't remember to put discs back in their case

Writing by Debbie Davies.