We’ve all been there - you fancy a cold bottle of wine, coke or beer, but its been sitting on the shelf at room temperature. Usually this results in throwing it in the freezer for 30 minutes in an attempt to cool it down fast.

In steps the Princess silver wine cooler that believes it can cool any bottle of drink in around eight minutes. The concept is simple: looking like a standard wine cooler, you fill the device up with water, add some ice cubes and then set the timer.

Using some magical system we can’t seem to fathom, the wine cools in the prescribed time. The timer on the front lets you know when its done and hey presto you have a cold bottle of drink ready to be served.


At £30 this is a very expensive wine cooler. We think the system works by oscillating the water around the bottle, but then we could just be making that up and it doesn't help convince us any further by the lack of description of how the system works in the manual in the box.

In addition to that we are also very dubious about the fact that you have to use cold water and plenty of ice to achieve the desired results. Either way when given the choice of either remembering to put the drink in the fridge, waiting around 15 minutes for the freezer to do it stuff or spending £30 on a wine cooler we thing we would be happy to ride out the first two.

It does work, but then we can't help feel this will soon become one of those useless gadgets that clogs up the cupboard under the stairs.