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(Pocket-lint) - When it comes to gadgets you can’t get more gadgety than a razor that also happens to be battery powered. Pocket-lint.co.uk for the sake of the readers went to the bathroom and tempted death with new razor from Gillette - the M3 Power.

On the surface the razor looks like any other in the Gillette range. The design is silver and green and there are plenty of grips down the shaft so you won’t drop the thing into the bowl of hair and soapy water. The head offers the MP3 Power blade, again similar to other blades in the range, except this one has, according to Gillette, new PowerGlide enhanced blades coated for a better glide and shaving comfort. Additionally the blade, which has three blades in fact, also sports a Lubrastrip infused with Vitamin E and Aloe.

The gadget element comes in the form of a small button on the shaft which when pressed makes the razor vibrate. It doesn’t vibrate much, but enough to achieve a small humming noise and tingling in your fingers. The idea is that sending “micro pulses” vibrations to you and me to your face excites the hairs and makes them stand up. Making them stand up means that you can chop of more effectively with the razor blades rather than having to go over the same bit multiple times - a real pain right?

At first we were a little apprehensive that our face would be ripped to shreds. In tests however we were actually very surprised by the results. The shaves that we’ve had so far are very close, and the rash factor low. Nor have as expected managed to slice our throat or cut our cheeks with the unit. In fact the experience is akin to shaving with an electric razor but having the benefit of a wet shave with the foam or badgers bush approach.


This certainly gives a better shave than a conventional razor, maybe even more than Gillette's own mighty Mach3 range. What's more, so far the wife's loved it, saying that we not only looked younger, but were more kissable as well (result). The vibration for some reason works, and what's even better is that it is nice on the skin when you shave. Reports from Gillette suggest that this razor has done wonders in America exceeded all sales expectations and for the curiousity factor we can see why.

Also, at just under £11 with two blades it's not going to break the bank for the trouble. Men, expect this in your stocking or under the tree this Christmas.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 3 September 2004.