(Pocket-lint) - With the need to carry more and more storage in your pocket for the larger attachments that get emailed back and forth nowadays, it was only a matter of time before we weren’t happy with the overall stick size when half a year ago, it would have been acceptable.

In an attempt to fuel our need for even smaller storage devices, Iomega has launched the Iomega Micro Mini Drive 128Mb, a USB key memory stick that is the size of a pound coin.

The unit we tested was the 128Mb version. The USB key supports both 1.1 and 2.0 protocols and will work on both a PC running 98 or above and an Apple Mac. For 98 users however you will need to install the USB Update Module which annoyingly you have to download from the Iomega website. Speed, depending on what port you connect through, is fast and we had no problem on the multiple machines that we plugged this little unit in to. What is a nice touch is a blue light that flashes to show the drive is in use and it gives you feedback that everything is working fine.

For those hard to reach behind the computer USB port moments, Iomega has been kind to include a USB cable in the box as well as two alternative covers - well you have to be seen to be stylish if you’re going to have a USB memory stick that’s so small no-one will see.


This is a fast, small and efficient memory stick that is very small, and some would say too small - we’ve already lost it once in the office. Of course you will pay a premium for the size by if the idea of having 128Mb of memory dangling alongside your keys on your key ring appeals - this will do just that.

Writing by Stuart Miles.