(Pocket-lint) - A fast moving robot, designed by a NASA scientist, playful enough for kids and advanced enough for adults, what else would Robospaien be? Additionally the robot reacts intuitively to the surrounding environment and then can respond to human interaction as well as being capable of performing up to 84 program steps, with 4 program modes for advanced operations. Impressive.

Think Stormtrooper, or Chris Cunningham's robots in his video for Bjork's 'All is full of love' and then combine with a belching, farting, Elvis impersonator and that's what you end up with. He's a thing of beauty there on the shelf, but having woken up with a yawn, he's all action. He can fart, wolf-whistle and belch 'caveman' responses, as well as, registering his opinion through gruff sounds, he'll also nod off and gently snore if the user doesn't show him enough attention. And by the end of the testing, he had somehow managed to worm his way into our hearts like an annoying brother.

To get started and give you an idea of what the robot is capable of there are three demonstration modes: Disco dance, Rude behaviour, and Kung Fu Kata skills. Set him in motion and he can walk, turn, pound and even lean, thanks to working hips and knees. The humanoid design allows him to perform human movements via a series of pre-programmed commands all controlled via a multi-buttoned remote control that would make any TV owner jealous.

Two types of claws, both with rotating 3 finger hands, will pick up and even throw. For late nights, a little torch is built into the hands. Retrieving wayward washing or chocolate is well within his modus operandi. It does however require patience of an old man waiting for a bus, and a spot of luck, (a word of warning) he'll perform better with a sock than solid objects, but it's well worth the practice in the end and you'll have over 6 hours exertion from regular batteries from which to get it right.


If you're not a fan of this type of thing, the price tag may seem a little high. However, if you remember the NES robot with fondness, have raised Pino but can't afford a Sony Aibo, then you'll love one of these.

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Writing by Dan Leonard.