Picture the scene - you’re at the sports track doing a spot of training. You’ve just timed yourself over 800 metres but for some reason your time is a good couple of seconds slower than your last attempt, apart from the time on the stopwatch there isn’t much you can tell that is different. In steps the Heatwatch, a stopwatch that not only lets you record the usual spilt and lap times but also humidity and temperature as well.

The dark green unit that comes with a 1m lanyard and a large LCD display isn’t much different from how you would expect a standard field stopwatch to look like and the usual array of timing options such as lap counters, lap recall, split memory all help for training whether it’s the many rather than just the few.

The watch has a capacity to record up to 9 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds, enough for even the slowest of marathon runners and the watch also offers a count down function with beeper warnings for the last 5 sec for those who need to meet a certain time.


This is a watch for the heavy or serious athlete looking to add that extra measurability to their timings. Even without the Humidity or Temperature readings this is still a pretty impressive stopwatch that will serve the one or many at the same time very well. The addition of the humidity and temperature readings is its defining factor, and for those who want or need to track performance over the seasons, this will do quite nicely.

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