While Creative were the first to come to the market with the Digital Audio Player (DAP), a 6Gb MP3 player, it seems Rio have finally caught them up in the shape of its Rio Riot. It’s a 20Gb MP3 player that’s square in design and holds over 400 albums of your favourite music.

This all sounds well and good, and as a device to carry around your music collection you couldn’t fine anything better. The controls are simple and unlike the DAP, the display screen is fairly big, giving you plenty of chance to see any information that you need at the flick of a button.

However as a portable device, some might find its rather large square bulky shape awkward. Add the protective pouch and you have a device that becomes the size of a small Filofax and not something that you’d consider walking around with.

The Rio Riot also has a built in FM radio, although getting a signal out of it may give you some hassle - we couldn’t get Kiss 100 even from the centre of London.


All in all, The Rio Riot does what it sets out to do and if your looking for a device that will allow you to carry around you entire music collection in a small box rather than a large suitcase, this is just the piece of kit to do it with.

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