(Pocket-lint) - Travelling with your laptop can be a painful task. Finding a bag that has enough compartments an even greater one. APC’s intended solution for the business traveller with a case that not only comes with more pouches than you can shake a stick at, but one that will charge your laptop or other devices at the same time.
First the case - There is a great deal to be said about whether or not laptop bags should look like laptop bags. APC haven't addressed this question, but that said, they have produced a bag that is likely to take a good beating on your travels. Whether it is the solid looking rubber feet, or the six-sided notebook padding all in all this is a good looking case. The other great feature is the amount of pockets and compartments meaning you can keep cables separate without the fear of having to dive into a jumble of cables every time you open it.

As for the power adapter, this is similar to the i-go juice device and works on the same basis of providing power to multiple devices and a nice add-on is the inclusion of a USB charging device to allow you to charge USB compatible products. The unit also comes with power adapters for the car and planes if you fine yourself needing power on the move and the whole thing sits snugly into yet another purpose built well within the case.


Overall this is a well built product that does what is sets out to do. We have two qualms, but both these are minor. Firstly that while the case has a strap on the back allowing you to attach it to a trolley bag it would have been nice to see the trolley bag feature included in the case with wheels on the bottom. Laptops, manuals and cables can soon become heavy and this addition would have made all the difference. The second is the notion that carrying around a laptop case can sometime tell the wrong people what you are carrying. If however you feel strong enough to both carry the case and fend off would be thefts, the APC Travel Power Case is a good travel companion.

Writing by Stuart Miles.