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(Pocket-lint) - Tile Bluetooth tracking devices have been around a while now but few have caught the attention as much as the Tile Sport.

Not only does it offer the same tracking abilities as the rest of the Tile family, it has extended range and waterproofing. It is truly the most rugged, useful Bluetooth tracker we've tried yet.

Tile is one of those devices you don't realise you need until you try one. Tile Mate and Tile Slim were first to market, with the former able to be tagged onto pretty much anything with a loop and the Slim as thin as two credit cards, so you can slip it into your wallet.

The Tile Sport is a sturdier, slightly chunkier device but has the same basic feature set and concept as the Mate. A Tile device emits and received Bluetooth signals, enabling you to connect the tracker to an iPhone or Android smartphone through a dedicated Tile app. The app can then tell you when you are in the vicinity of your tracker.

It also makes the tracker emit a tune, to further help you find it. And the same in reverse, you can double tap the logo on the Tile to find your smartphone.

You can even change the ringtones to your own personal preference.

Pocket-lintTile Sport image 6

Setting up the Tile Sport is a doddle. As long as you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone, and agree to allow the app to access your location, you can add the Tile to your list of devices and even add others as you go. You also tag it with what the device is used for, such as on a keyring or bag, to make it even easier to spot on the list.

So if you want a Tile Slim in your wallet or purse, Tile Mate on a bag and Tile Sport on your keyring, the app can discover them independently and you can track each item easily.

Where the Sport - and similarly designed, but different coloured Tile Style - differs is that is it waterproof down to 1.5-metres for 30 minutes so can be attached to the outside of an all-weather rucksack, for example, or on watersports equipment.

It also has double the Bluetooth range as its older stablemates. It can be discovered up to 200-feet away. And it offers twice the volume level as before.

The Sport is unique in that its build quality ensures it is very tough to break too.

First Impressions

Just a quick play with the Tile Sport shows its potential - not only to find our keys, but to find our phone too. Indeed, we're more often misplacing the latter so that's an invaluable use.

The Tile Sport is more designed for those with an active lifestyle, perhaps best suited for cyclists or festival goers than couch potatoes. But even then we'd still recommend people check out the other Tile products too.

At £30, it's a reasonably inexpensive way to ensure you find items in a hurry.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 19 September 2017.