(Pocket-lint) - Yike Bike is probably called that because, when you find yourself hurling down the road on the back of one, you are likely to say "Yikes!" in a very Scooby-Doo voice.

Yes, the initial response of getting in the saddle is that it is going to be crazy. And for the first couple of minutes it is.

Pick up speed and the wind starts blowing in your hair and the fear starts kicking in.


That's because the Yike Bike is something you will have never ridden before, a modern day Penny-Farthing that sees you sit on a single wheel with your arms on handlebars behind you.

When you're done, it all folds away to the size of a Brompton bike.

It's electric so you don't have to pedal, and the main trick to master here is balance. Once you've got that down, the risk of killing yourself does go down, although it's probably still pretty high.


The electric controls which work like a power drill in terms of gripping a trigger and are incredibly responsive. The brake, which also doubles as a regenerative power source, isn't so much, but in the worst case scenario - as we've found - you can jump off anyway.

At £2,500 it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, however we've certainly had fun trying it at the Pocket-lint Tech Tavern.

Writing by Stuart Miles.