(Pocket-lint) - Pocket-lint's Tech Tavern at The Fable in Holborn Viaduct is in full swing, with a number of phone manufacturers showing off their latest flagship handsets today.

There has also been a glove to show you what it feels like to have arthritis and a Yike Bike hovering around, but that's not all. Knomo was here too, offering all the visitors a chance to see how easy it is to pack all your gadgets into one stylish, slim, wallet - the Knomad.


Knomo already offer a material Knomad carrier but the company is about to introduce a leather version too, which will be available in neon pink and black when it arrives in a couple of months.

The outside looks great with a simple design that offers perfect blend of form and function, but it is the inside that really raises the bar with literally a pocket for everything.


The Knomad folds out and you'll find your own Myknomo ID at the top, which you register online so if it gets lost then this could help you.

Then comes the exciting part. There is a pocket for an 8-inch tablet, a slimline battery that can be purchased with a Knomad or separately and a dedicated phone pocket in the same section.


The battery pack that can be purchased with the Knomad is 5000mAh, which Knomo claims will charge your smartphone three times or your tablet twice.

Then there is an SD card pocket, a pen slot, a few slots for your credit cards and sections for storing your travel documents and cables. See, told you there was near enough a pocket for everything.

So how does it look and feel? You'd think with all those sections that when full, the Knomad would be thick clunky and heavy but actually, it wasn't at all.


Considering how many gadgets it was holding, the wallet felt light enough to carry around comfortably and it was still slim enough to look stylish.

We were big fans and we weren't the only ones. The Knomo Knomad was getting a lot of attention from the public too and while the pink might be a bit too bright for some, it certainly makes a statement and a nice change from some of the other gadget bags available but the black is professional looking and understated in a great way.


Knomo also do luggage and handbags which all feature dedicated pockets for gadgets so if you have a endless tech to carry around, it is worth checking this lot out.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.