Need to store data, have $500 to spare, want a hard drive that you'll actually want to show off? Good then you'll be needing the Lacie Sphere by Christofle.

For $500 (£305) you'll be able to get this "objet d'art" to sit on your desk looking pretty while storing all your important documents, videos and pictures.

The geeky bit is that it features a high-speed USB 3.0, which makes file transfers and back-ups nearly three times faster than with USB 2.0 and there's no need for a separate power adapter.

lacie sphere the beautiful spherical silvered hand crafted hard drive image 5

The non-geeky bit in terms of tech specs is that it is handcrafted and silvered in France by Christofle and his team.

The end result - and we never thought we would say this - is a rather beautiful-looking storage device that you'll want to just stare into.

The polished spherical design playfully reflects light and you just know that not only will you find yourself staring into it for hours on end (sad, we know) but you'll also insist that no one touch it for fear of covering it in fingerprints.

Lovely if you've got the cash.