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(Pocket-lint) - It's amazing what you can find in the most remote corners of the CES trade show in Las Vegas. Lurking on the E Ink stand at Showstoppers - one of the off-piste conventions during the event - Pocket-lint managed to find and go hands-on with what can only be dubbed as the "world's thinnest watch".

Using E Ink technology for the display, the screen is just 0.5mm thick and encased in a single piece of flexible stainless steel - making the whole watch 0.80mm in total and weight no more than 12g.

Pocket-lintcst 01 e ink watch is world s thinnest pictures and hands on image 5

It looks essentially like a bangle or bracelet (depending on your location for the correct naming convention) and is currently making waves on Kickstarter, having made $36,690 of its $200,000 goal in only a matter of days.

Its maker, Central Standard Time - hence the CST-01 name - will be using a Seiko Epson Microcontroller to keep time. Its micro energy cell battery is rechargeable and can be charged 100,000 times, giving it a life of around 15 years.

Pocket-lintcst 01 e ink watch is world s thinnest pictures and hands on image 1

The watch itself will retail for "more than $170" when it launches for real in September. From what we've seen it will fly off the shelves... especially if there's a sudden gust of wind.

You can check out the CST-01 E Ink watch on the company's Kickstarter page and even pledge some money to get one on release.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.