Kingston Technology's big news for CES 2013 has been a massive beast in a tiny casing. The product is a USB drive - nothing generally exciting about that - but there will be a 1TB version soon. In a USB drive. One entire Terrabyte. Blimey.

The DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0 USB drive is probably chunkier than most, and is already available in 512GB flavour, but the fact that you can carry around such massive storage makes cloud services look puny.

There's little else to say about it really, save that it slides in and out of its sturdy casing, in order to protect the connection. Oh, and that it will cost $3,400 in the US. Yep, over three grand.

Let's just say that in its current state, Kingston's device is more aimed at the business user than consumer. Neat, mind. One can only dream.