(Pocket-lint) - There are times when we like to release our inner cild. Have an iPad? Then go grab a Crayola Light Marker and pretend it's for the kids.

The Light Marker is much like a laser pen that can interact with your iPad, albeit one styled like the classic, fat Crayola felt-tip pen, with a light-up tip. Also included is a simple stand to sit the iPad upright for best use - although kids might get a bit heavy handed and knock it over.


Griffin Technology has got its young target audience firmly in mind. The colourful software, which offers different pen tips and colours from the base of the screen, is what the company describes as a "digital play experience".

We had fun scribbling some sketches and doing our best to "air write" - a bit like air guitar - words on the screen.


As well as the Free Draw app that we used, there are also dot-to-dot, colouring book-style pages, puzzles and more to keep the lil'uns entertained. Without the mess.

The Crayola Light Marker will retail for £25, while the Light Marker app is absolutely free. Well worth it; we rather enjoyed digitally regressing to childhood.

Writing by Mike Lowe.