(Pocket-lint) - If French company BeeWi leaves you drawing a blank then let us remind you of the mini Mini, a fleet of which added to the entertainment in the Olympic stadium last summer. Awesome huh? Well, possibly better than that is the company's latest: the BeeWi Scara Bee, or "Mars Rover" as its makers have nicknamed it.

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Okay, so it doesn't look like the Mars Rover, as in the one that went crawling around on the red planet, but that's probably as there's no official licence for this one.


This app-controlled Scara Bee buggy can interact with Android and iOS systems using local Wi-Fi networks - not satellite-controlled like a multimillion-dollar project - which gives it greater range than the Bluetooth-paired mini Mini.

The Scara Bee also comes with a built-in VGA camera that can relay live footage back to your iPad, Nexus, or whatever you happen to be using to control the remote device.


Controls are simple: an accelerator and the ability to turn cater for most of what you'll need, though we didn't find the controls as intricate as a dedicated remote control car. It sure is a speedy thing though.

A blast for $150, or about £93.

Writing by Mike Lowe.