Pocket-lint has got its hands on the most expensive pocket-knife in town over in Vegas at CES - the $3,000 Victorinox 1TB SSD Swiss Army knife

Taking the phrase "cutting edge technology" quite literally, the Swiss based company has picked up our award for "most pointless gadget at CES that we still want" with the extravagantly priced device.

Packing 1TB of eSATA II SSD storage (and a blade, a nail file and some mini scissors too), the flash drive aspect features a 96x48 pixel LCD monochrome display and your data is more than secure thanks to the 256 AES hard and software encryption.

Available in red or black, we really don't know why it costs so much but we really want one. We've a rough pinkie nail you see, and we think it will sort it out.

No word on a UK release as of yet but let's face it - you're not going to buy one, are you?