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(Pocket-lint) - Director David Lewandowski caused quite a viral stir in 2013, with his crazy and brilliant "Late for Meeting" video. It starred a CGI, androgynous mannequin and its car, moving in very mysterious ways to music.

More 30.5 million viewers have watched it on YouTube.

Before that, he almost reached that amount of views with "Going to the Store".

Now, three years later, a sequel has been posted online and it is quite simply brilliant. Disturbing and odd, but brilliant.

"Time for Sushi" takes a whole host of naked, weirdly posed figures on a journey through the streets of Japan and to the beach. It even adds an all-new mode of transport, adapted in a similarly other-worldly way.

You really need to watch this. Although once you do, you'll probably not get it out of your head again for weeks. Months even.

Lewandowski's first video was remade as a live action homage back in 2011, with Nathan I reenacting the strange motions in a sort-of wobbly contemporary dance.

It'd take some gathering together of loose-limbed friends to have a stab at remaking Time for Sushi, however. It's really quite something else.

But then, considering the time delays between Lewandowski's posts - three years, roughly - there's plenty of time for a group to try.

Writing by Rik Henderson.