Xiaomi has announced three new products that will make their way stateside.

The Chinese tech giant is continuing to bring more of its products to the US, with the announcement of three more devices. Xiaomi is most well known for its smartphones, so it’s slightly surprising to see it still hasn't really pushed its phones in the US market, but these new devices will continue its trend of sending smart home devices to the country.

The three new products are the Mi Charging Wireless Pad, Mi Home Security Camera, and Mi Robot Builder Rover.

The Mi Charging wireless pad is a Qi-enabled wireless charger that will work with most smartphones capable of wirelessly charging. It also supports up to 10W output for fast charging. The Mi Home Security Camera has 1080p resolution, 360-degree field of view, intelligent motion detection, and night vision. It also features a two-way audio system, which will be fun for when all of your holiday guests begin to arrive later this month.

Finally, there is the Mi Robot Builder Rover. Basically, it’s like a Lego device that you can remote control when you’re done building. It comes with 1,086 pieces that allow you to build a rover, tank, or bulldozer, and then you can control it through an app (available on Android and iOS). It doesn’t just move; the different pieces are also controllable.

Whether you want to surprise your kids, torment your pets, or get two and have a spouse-on-spouse robot deathmatch, the choice is yours. Xiaomi hasn’t announced any pricing or where you can buy them yet, but its previously announced products have all been sold exclusively through Walmart in the US. Xiaomi has said it’ll provide more details soon.

Update: We spotted a similar Mi Home Security Camera (pictured above, for $39.99) and a Mi Robot Builder ($149.99) on Amazon US. But these don't appear to be the same devices that Xiaomi just announced. We will keep you posted.