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(Pocket-lint) - As we all begin to venture out into the world and away from our homes, we want to know we're staying safe and connected.

If you ride a bike, Vodafone has created the Curve Bike light & GPS tracker. It's integrated within an Ultrabright LED rear bike light. The light has three light modes (blink, pulsate, solid beam) outputting up to 40 lumens of light power. It'll shine brighter if you suddenly break with its intelligent brake light.

With so many smart trackers out there in the smart device market, you really need to offer something genuinely enticing to truly stand out and this bike tracker certainly does that.

Simply twist the light onto the tracker to turn it on - the light part charges the tracker part (that you leave on your bike). Several seatpost adapters are included for the perfect fit on any bike, while there's a strong security bolt. 

Whether you're commuting to work, following another bike or protecting your bicycle from theft, you'll always know where your bike is.

There's a Security Mode you can invoke in the app with a 107db siren and movement alerts sent to your phone, while Impact Detection and Help Alerts can alert loved ones if you fall from your bike. If you don't get back on the saddle and ride off, it'll send them an alert - either by SMS, push notification or automated call. 

The impact detections can all be controlled or turned off via the Vodafone Smart App.

VodafoneGet the Vodafone Curve Bike Light and GPS Tracker from as little as £2 per month photo 2

Forming part of its equally fresh ‘Designed & Connected by Vodafone’ range of smart tech products, the Curve Bike tracker is the kind of clever tech that helps you stay connected to the things that matter most, sending periodic alerts direct to your smartphone so you always know exactly where your bike is in real-time.

Get yourself connected

So how does it work? Well, unlike other Bluetooth devices that rely on a single means of connectivity, Vodafone has gone one better – actually, it’s gone ‘four’ better – by using a quartet of tracking technologies including GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. 

So, you simply set up the tracker on the rear of your bike, connect to the internet then receive regular updates on your mobile device via the Vodafone Smart App. Cellular connectivity is provided by a Vodafone Smart SIM so it'll always be online whenever you need to check it. 

The Smart SIM works in over 100 countries, too. 

On the right track

We all have more than one thing we want to keep track of, and with the help of the Vodafone Smart App you can control and oversee multiple Curve bike trackers in real-time; you can even create a profile for each family member they’re tracking so your parental oversight is even more personal.

VodafoneGet the Vodafone Curve Bike Light and GPS Tracker from as little as £2 per month photo 3

Get more from your rides with Ride Insights meaning you can see how far and where you’ve been. You can take this one step further and create specific mapped areas that trigger an alert to your phone when the tracker crosses that invisible boundary. 

So, want to learn more about Vodafone’s new Curve Bike light & GPS tracker? You can own one today for £79 plus from £3 month on a 24 month contract.