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(Pocket-lint) - Vodafone has announced a connected bike light, tracker and security device - it's called the Vodafone Curve Bike Light & GPS Tracker.

This is the third product in Vodafone's Curve series - the original Curve being a GPS tracker, a little like an Apple AirTag; the Neo being a smartwatch designed for kids - and aims at commuter cyclists wanting increased safety and security measures.

If you're a casual cyclist and don't have a fancy setup from Garmin, for example, then the Curve Bike Light & GPS Tracker could be a decent all-in-one solution. It pairs a light, a tracker, and a siren that can all be controlled via an associated app (for iOS and Android devices).

The product attaches to a seat post (there are five rubber ring sized options for different post fittings), screws on (with a security screw - although with the right screwdriver there's nothing stopping this being removed by anyone), then the GPS unit attaches to the fitting first, followed by the rechargeable light section - which, with a quarter turn, activates the light without the need to fiddle with buttons.

This modular approach means you can leave the GPS tracker on the bike, activate the siren, which will alert you via the app if there's any tampering with your bike. The app can receive push notifications, or you can setup SMS or calls if you prefer.

The light aspect of the Curve has three modes - constant, flash, pulse - and has two side lights to increase coverage and visibility. Interestingly it also has a brake light feature where the intensity increases as you brake (i.e. the light can recognise you're slowing down, presumably based on GPS data) - and we can't think of any competition, even at the high-end, with such a feature.

There's even collision detection that can send an SOS to a personally managed list - just like you'll find in Garmin products, for example - although whether this uses additional on-board sensors for accuracy is unclear (and raises a red flag for us, as even Vodafone's introductory video had disclaimers about collision/impact accuracy). Not that you have to activate this feature.

Being a Vodafone product, you will of course need a connectivity subscription with the provider - and that's from £3 per month in the UK, in addition to the Curve's £79 asking price. Not bad value compared to the competition, all considered, although that monthly cost will inevitably add up.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 3 June 2021.