(Pocket-lint) - AR glasses are still something of a mixed bag, but Vodafone is bringing the long talked about Nreal Light glasses to its customers in Europe. Starting with Germany and Spain in the spring, they'll also come to the UK, too. 

They're wired glasses (to an Android phone) but they are designed to be worn regularly for mixed reality and augmented reality on the go. Of course, Vodafone's interest is in enabling AR on tho go via its still-being-assembled 5G network. 

The 106g glasses use Qualcomm Snapdragon tech underneath as well as two spacial computing cameras, dual mics and dual cameras. Qualcomm talked about the glasses as a hero use of its tech a year ago. 

AR on Nreal Light means you can see apps on in front of your eyes, while you can interact with your surroundings just as you normally would. Mixed reality apps blend your reality with apps so you interact with virtual 3D objects. There are various use cases for the glasses including video, gaming and even productivity apps, too. 

Vodafone is working with China-based Nreal on various AR and MR apps it says and talks of sports apps that overly stats and graphics, multiplayer games that blend real and virtual environments as well as more immersive conference calling for business.  

A developer kit is also now available, meaning anybody can develop MR and AR apps for Nreal Light.  

Writing by Dan Grabham.