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(Pocket-lint) - Under Armour is a sportswear brand commonly associated with clothing that fits snugly around your contours, for performance sake. Tight, elasticated, long sleeve roll-necks, sports vests, running apparel, that sort of thing. So when the American company says that its new, innovative running shoe is designed around the perfect fit, you know it's going to offer something a bit different.

It does. The Under Armour Speedform shoe represents the end result of some true out-of-the-box thinking. "We had to be smart enough to leave the footwear factory behind," said Dave Dombrow, the company's senior creative director of footwear at the official London launch event. And it sure did. Instead of working out how to make a new shoe using conventional methods, Under Armour went left field. It went to a bra factory.

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Citing Playtex's involvement in designed the Apollo lunar landing's space suits, Under Armour realised that bra companies know everything there is to know about comfortable fit. By moving manufacturing and design there, it could come up with something unique. The Speedform is the first product to benefit.

It features the first ever seamless heel cup for a running shoe and all the rest of the seams are ultrasonically welded, which means they have no stitching whatsoever. You won't feel a single seam when wearing them. There is also a silicone grip around the heel that locks on your foot.

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The toe of the shoe is also anatomically moulded, so your toes are guided into set positions for optimal comfort. The base and footbed are also specifically designed for foot position, fit and comfort, with a full-length, proprietary 4D Foam embedded sock liner and a Micro G midsole.

In short, this is a shoe designed for those who really take their running and sports activities seriously. They weigh 170g apiece and will be out later this month. We're yet to get a definitive UK price, but it is believed that Under Armour will be selling the Speedform running shoes in the US for $120 (£80) a pair. Multiple colours will be available, including pink, orange, blue and green.

As yet, Pocket-lint has only had a brief amount of time with the running shoes, and hasn't had a chance to take them for a spin. We will be doing so in the near future.

Writing by Rik Henderson.