(Pocket-lint) - Uber has brought its Jump electric bikes to the UK at last.

The online taxi service has launched a pilot scheme in Islington, North London where customers can rent an e-bike through the existing Uber app.

The bright red Jump bikes provide an alternative to London's Santander bikes and are electric pedal-assisted, for an easier ride through the capital. They have adjustable seats, a sturdy frame and a basket on the front to carry your bag or shopping.

All Jump bikes are GPS-enabled and come with built-in cable locks that have to be locked to end a trip. This ensures the cycles are properly parked and can be found by the next customer in the area.

It costs £1 to unlock a Jump bike and you will be charged a further 12p per minute for a ride. For example, a ride from Highbury Fields to Old Street will cost you around £1.40.

All charges will be made through your existing Uber account.

The Uber app will also notify riders of no parking zones, which includes hospitals, stadiums and canals. Users will be fined £25 if a bike is left in one of the zones.

Uber will expand its Jump e-bikes rental scheme across other London boroughs soon. It already offers similar services in the US and Canada, Berlin, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris.

Writing by Rik Henderson.