Energy-efficient portable media players with larger memory capacities (such as say, the new Apple iPod classic) are on the horizon, thanks to a component launch from Toshiba.

Toshiba has launched four new 1.8-inch hard disk drives designed "for use in the next generation of high capacity portable media devices".

Delivering up to 160GB over a single platter, the MKxx34GAL series of HDDs are said to be quiet, lightweight and offer an "unrivalled energy consumption efficiency of up to 0.0019W/GB".

Toshiba boasts that the 160GB model is capable of storing up to 80,000 MP3 songs or 141 hours of DVD-quality video.

Interestingly, when Apple first launched the iPod "classic" back in September 2007 it had a 160GB drive, which then dropped down to 120GB in September 2008, so we're now back up to the bigger capacity.