Here are a few photos of Toshiba's just-announced multimedia tablet from IFA 2009 in Berlin.

We weren't able to wrest the device out of Toshiba's hands, but were able to get some pictures showing the front and sides of the device, including its USB port and SD card slot. We also discovered it'll be based on an ARM processor.

Toshiba says that it's "not aiming to replace any existing device", and that the company has built it to be the "easiest way to connect to the internet in a second, just by using your finger".

We asked why they plumped for Windows CE on the device, and they told us that it "has the most number of apps available to the market". That's an interesting perspective, considering how crucial third-party apps are becoming to mobile devices.

It's due in Europe before the end of the year, and it'll cost 249 Euros.