Aside from launching a new TomTom LIVE model on Wednesday, TomTom has also announced that its TomTom x40 LIVE devices will be getting an update allowing them to be used in select countries across Europe.

The new offering, which is available to all TomTom LIVE users via an automatic update through the SIM, will give European drivers using the service access in UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Previously users could only use the HD Traffic, petrol price finder and speed camera alert features in the country they bought the unit.

TomTom has told Pocket-lint "that all current GO x40 LIVE users will get this update by the end of the year", although have failed to say whether or not you will be able to force request the update.

Earlier today the company launched the TomTom XL LIVE model that delivers a cheaper alternative to the x40 series, with European maps for £249.99.

TomTom has said that it hopes to add more countries to the service in due course.