Sir Terry Wogan could be the voice telling you to turn left in 20 yards, thanks to a charity fundraising scheme run by satnav manufacturer TomTom.

Wogan, Alan "Deadly" Dedicoat (voice of the balls from the National Lottery show), Sally "Traffic" Boazman and Welsh traffic reporter, Lynn Bowles, have all recorded instructions to raise money for this year's Children in Need appeal.

Their instructions, which can be used with TomTom satnav devices, are available to download now from the Charity Goods website for £8.00.

They can also be purchased on CD for £10.00 inc P&P.

Samples of the voices, and full instructions on how to install them on a TomTom device can be found on the Charity Goods site.

This year's BBC Children in Need takes place on 14 November.