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(Pocket-lint) - TomTom is about to announce an update to its TomTom Go 930 model if UK retailer Handtec.co.uk is to be believed.

The TomTom GO 940 LIVE as it will be called, will offer a couple of new features including GPRS connectivity so you can get up to the minute traffic and fuel price info as you drive around trying not to get lost, the retailer is leading us to believe.

Of course, as with all connected devices there will also be the chance to do a bit of Google searching the listing claims.

However contacting Handtec in the UK directly all is not what it seems.

"It's all a bit blind at the moment", a sales representative said when we asked how Handtec knew that TomTom was announcing the new satnav. The representative then went on to say that the details weren't confirmed but it gave consumers a chance to pre-order the unit anyway.

In fact looking at the spec sheet, its reads very similar to the TomTom 930.

Pocket-lint contacted TomTom for a comment on the story, however the GPS maker said it wouldn't comment on rumours or speculation.

What a spokesperson did tell us however, was that the company would be holding a press conference at the start of IFA, Europe's largest electronic trade show, in Germany on 28 August at 2pm local time.

So will TomTom be announcing new product at the show? Most definitely, however whether it will be a TomTom 940 LIVE with the exact specs listed by Handtec we will have to wait and see.

We will keep you posted.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 22 August 2008.