So the report may have been commissioned by TomTom, but according to new research, using satnav systems makes us better, and safer, drivers.

The study was conducted in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the US.

The teams found that the use of satellite navigation devices heightens awareness and reduces the stress levels of the driver.

In the UK, 74% of drivers with a navigation device stated that they feel more in control when driving with satnav, and 55% feel more alert.

And just over three-quarters of navigation users in the UK confirmed that they use a navigation device to feel more relaxed while driving.

And, as a result, sat nav systems improve our "behaviour" behind the wheel when driving through an unknown area to an unknown destination.

In the instrument-assisted vehicle studies, changes in driving behaviour were observed by a researcher/driving instructor sitting beside the participant.

When driving with a navigation system, significantly fewer
driving errors were observed.

And our stress levels also probably go down because we end up driving less far and for less amount of time if we use satnav, than without.