TomTom has announced "ground-breaking" features on its latest TomTom GO device – the GO 930T, that replaces the 920T – including the company's "IQ Routes" technology.

IQ Routes is based on real average speeds that have been measured on roads, rather than guesstimating static maximum speeds by road type.

The intel for this new way of measuring routes is based on anonymous historical speed profiles of more than 10 billion kilometres of driven roads, gathered over the years by millions of TomTom users.

This means the new TomTom GO determines a route by considering all possible routes, and then selects the one that takes the least time.

TomTom says that in almost 50% of all journeys, this results in taking a different and faster route, saving the driver travel time - and saving money and fuel.

In addition, the new TomTom GO features Advanced Lane Guidance - what's claimed to be a first for the navigation mass market.

Said to give drivers a more realistic view and enhanced visuals of surroundings, ensuring drivers are better informed about the situation ahead, this feature offers a more realistic representation of junctions, including clearer arrows for lane direction, and static images of road signs, in the same colour as the ones displayed on the road.

Pre-installed with maps of 35 countries in Western & Eastern Europe, USA, Canada and Russia with maximum detail, stored on the internal memory, the TomTom GO 930T will be available in the UK and Republic of Ireland from the end of April 2008. Pricing is to be confirmed.

Other features of the 930T - in TomTom's words...

- TomTom Map Share technology enabling users to make corrections to their own maps instantly, and to benefit from improvements made by other users, completely free of change

- Latest map guarantee so users always have free access to the latest map at time of purchase

- TomTom RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver for detailed traffic information

- Enhanced Positioning Technology (EPT) for uninterrupted navigation even in tunnels or highly built areas

- 4.3-inch touchscreen with new generation icons and an updated user interface to navigate drivers to their destination even more easily

- Voice address input drive to millions of cities and street names by simply announcing the address of your destination

- Clear voice instructions and text-to-speech to enable street names, places, traffic alerts and SMS messages to be read aloud as part of the spoken instructions

- Enhanced hands-free calling with high quality sound system via Bluetooth to allow drivers to keep their eyes firmly on the road whilst making phone calls in the car

- Extensive safety features including "Help Me" menu to give drivers direct access to emergency services and roadside assistance

- Built-in FM Transmitter to play music and navigation instructions seamlessly through the car stereo speakers

- New smart & fun extras to personalise users’ devices, including recording your own driving instructions, viewing documents, exchanging positions via SMS and Bluetooth wireless technology and selecting a favourite car icon on the screen

- Free TomTom HOME software and content from the TomTom community to keep your TomTom device up to date at all times

- Pre-installed safety camera database providing users with timely information on safety cameras on drivers’ routes

- Full range of accessories to match the design and finish of the updated GO range