Two new TomTom GO models, available now in the UK, feature a new slim design and the latest version of TomTom’s navigation software.

The TomTom GO 720 comes pre-installed with the most up-to-date door-to-door maps of Western Europe on the internal memory while the TomTom GO 520 offers UK and Ireland mapping.

Apart from that, the units are the same and have a 4.3-inch touchscreen, the industry’s first speech recognition for city and street names and offer TomTom's hands-free calling functionality.

The built-in FM transmitter to transmit sound over you car's stereo sounds like a great feature and probably more useful than some of the other "fun" extras available on these units.

The 520 and 720 both work with TomTom's new Map Share technology which lets you correct the maps as well as check out improvements made by other users.

The recommended retail price for TomTom GO 720 is £329, the TomTom GO 520 is £299.