TomTom has launched a new satnav device at CeBIT 2007 that features a built-in mobile phone sim slot so users can phone directly from the device.

Although geared towards large organisations that need to track and communicate with drivers across Europe, the technology could soon find its way into the consumer models.

TomTom is claiming that the TomTom GO 715 is the world’s first portable navigation device with an integrated GPRS modem and SIM card, clearly forgetting the plethora of mobile phones that are already available with GPS built-in.

The TomTom GO 715 will come complete with the company's standard routing software, offer 3D map view and spoken instructions as found in other models in the TomTom GO range.

Strangely the TomTom GO 715 also sports hands-free connectivity with your regular phone via Bluetooth and comes pre-installed with the most up-to-date door to door map of Western Europe stored on the memory card.

The company is also offering subsciption for the device to its Work package which includes TomTom WEBFLEET; a web-based tracking and tracing service that monitors and guides vehicles and staff, as well as managing and planning business.