According to reports circulating online, a number of TomTom GPS units are infected with not just one, but two Trojan viruses straight out of the factory.

We've heard of new products, like some Japanese MP3 players given away by McDonald's Japan, that are infected straight out of the factory, but this is the first time, to our knowledge, where it's hidden on a satnav.

The two viruses are identified as win32.Perlovga.A Trojan and TR/DROP.Small.qp by the anti-virus software that found them as soon as the device was plugged into one man's computer.

In a report posted on DaniWeb, Davey Winder says that the user who complained to TomTom about the situation was told to let the software delete the virus and move on because they're not dangerous Trojan.

No apology was forthcoming.

TomTom subsequently confirmed that a “small number” of TomTom GO 910 satnavs, produced between September and November 2006 were shipped with “a” virus.

The recommended course of action is to let virus scanning software take care of removal.