TomTom has released the FM Transmitter Mount that lets you connect your TomTom to the car stereo wirelessly.

It lets you hear navigation intructions, make hands-free calls, and listen to music stored on your TomTom GO device.

Available for €50, the Mount holds your TomTom and transmits sound to your FM stereo in the car. Navigation instructions or calls that come through interrupt whatever music is playing, so that you can hear them clearly.

TomTom recommends that the TomTom GO 910 be used with it as it has 12GB of space for music, but the GO 710 and GO 510 also connect to your iPod so you can listen to audio tracks stored on it.

“This wireless solution using FM frequencies allows drivers to be guided by clear voice instructions and hear their favourite songs through the car stereo for a more integrated and enjoyable driving experience”, says Eric Pite, VP Product Management at TomTom.