In a departure from its usual mobile phone-based traffic updates, TomTom has released a dedicated RDS TMC Traffic Receiver to work with its latest satnavs.

The receiver, which retails for £70, is compatible with TomTom GO 910, GO 710, and GO 510. By simply tapping on the traffic icon in the device's user interface, detailed information about the traffic situation is displayed. The satnav can recalculate a route on the fly if you decide the road is too busy.

Other brands of satnav include the traffic receiver in the device, but a monthly subscription fee is still required in order to get the traffic updates.

The GO 910 features maps of Europe, the USA and Canada, while the GO 710 just comes with maps of Europe. The GO 510 bundles regional maps with major European roads. They’re available for £400, £350, and £300 respectively.