With the Media Studio for TomTom 1.0, users can turn their TomTom GO system into a media and movie playback device.

Once the software is loaded on to a Windows PC, users can convert their video files into compressed movie files to be played from memory cards or from the built-in harddrive. Films on DVD can be converted straight to a movie file using the Media Studio for TomTom software.

Once the software is on the TomTom, an optional security setting will stop movie playback if the software detects vehicle movement. This can obviously be disabled so that a movie doesn't stop playing if others in the rear of the vehicle are watching it.

The software converts AVI, MPEG1, MPEG4, DivX, XVID, VOB, and ASF files into MPEG4. A hundred minutes of media content can be saved on a memory card with as little storage as 128MB, although 256MB is recommended.

A trial version is available to convert 3 minutes of content, while the full version can be downloaded for $32.95.

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