TomTom has launched a collection of content & services under a the banner TomTom PLUS at CeBIT in Germany.

Aside from the TomTom Audiobooks which will enable users to download and listen to books, magazines or newspapers and details on safety cameras so you can save getting points on your licence, TomTom has launched TomTom Buddies a service that allows authorised TomTom users to locate each other and send instant messages.

TomTom Buddies allows drivers to invite other TomTom users to become their authorised "buddy", meaning users can see where their friends and family are and navigate to their location quickly and safely.

Acting like an exclusive club, users can send each other text messages, as well as interesting locations. The service also provides the option of privacy, meaning users can hide their location and delete "buddies" as and when required.

Finally, one that will appeal to us Brits more than most, TomTom has said that it will be offering a weather service so you can see real-time weather information for any city on the user's selected map.

TomTom Buddies, TomTom Mobile Safety Camera alerts, TomTom Traffic & Road Conditions and TomTom Weather will require a Bluetooth enabled smart phone and disappointingly for older customers, will only work on the new range announced recently.