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(Pocket-lint) - TomTom is launching a new satnav that's designed specifically for those commuting on scooters or motorbikes.

A simpler alternative to TomTom's existing Rider line of bike navigation devices, the TomTom Vio opts for a funky round design, so it will match the mirrors on your vintage Vespa. 

The TomTom Vio itself is waterproof, comes with changeable covers for colour customisation, and offers a couple of mount options - either on the handlebars or on a mirror stalk.

Pocket-linttomtom vio is a satnav for scooters to help you get where the funk you re going image 4

The Vio then easily twist locks onto the mount for secure access. Waterproof and accessible with gloves, the Vio isn't a full satnav unit, it's really an extension of your phone. All the Vio provides is the display and an additional GPS unit, but then relies on a Bluetooth connection to your phone, where the TomTom app will run the show. 

That means there there's no complex interface: you enter the destination on your smartphone and that's reflected on your Vio. It gives you instructions on the round display, as well as offering voice instructions, through your headphones, your helmet or whatever you have. The Vio will also alert you if you're speeding, turning red, as well as notifying you of things like incoming calls.

The TomTom Vio is compatible with TomTom Traffic, so you get all the advantages of a full system, but without all the complication. 

The TomTom Vio will cost you £149 and sadly there's no plans to release a car mount. Sad face.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 26 August 2016.