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(Pocket-lint) - TomTom has announced four new GO satnavs at its WhatNext event in Amsterdam, all of which will come with the new lifetime world maps and lifetime speed cameras services, as well as compatibility with the new TomTom MyDrive cloud service.

Lifetime world maps will mean drivers using the GO 510, 5100, 610 and 6100 satnavs will be able to use maps around the world for no extra cost, whereas previously drivers had to buy regions. The lifetime speed cameras service will enable drivers to see locations of all mobile and fixed speed cameras and both these services will be available for the lifetime of the devices.

All four of the new satnavs will also be compatible with the newly-announced MyDrive service, which allows drivers to use their smartphone, tablet or PC to see real-time traffic information, plan a route and then send the information to their GO satnav before departure. This service will launch on the new GO satnavs but it will be coming to older GO satnavs via a software update.

The TomTom GO 510, 5100, 610 and 6100 will all come with a fully interactive display that users will be able to pinch, zoom and swipe. There will be a choice of 5-inch and 6-inch screen sizes, represented by the first digit of each of the four model numbers, and they will all offer 3D maps and a Click & Go mount.

Aside from the display size, the difference between the four models is minor. The GO 510 and 610 requires a smartphone connection for the driver to obtain the TomTom Traffic information, while the GO 5100 and 6100 models have a built-in SIM with unlimited data and free roaming.

TomTom Traffic delivers real-time traffic information with routing technology to take drivers on the fastest route possible. It covers all mapped roads and uses millions of data sources to pinpoint the start and end of a traffic jam down to 10 metres, according to TomTom.

The TomTom GO 510, 5100, 610 and 6100 are all available now from TomTom, Halfords and other UK retailers. Pricing will start at £169.99 for the TomTom GO 510 with all services mentioned above included.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published on 29 April 2015.