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(Pocket-lint) - TomTom has a new app aimed at helping drivers keep their speed under control by alerting them to speed cameras.

The TomTom Speed Cameras app is purely for alerts so that drivers can avoid getting speeding tickets if they've accidentally slipped over the limit.

The app currently uses TomTom's current coverage of fixed speed cameras. It also has a system that should make this even more accurate. The app lets a driver confirm or deny the location of a speed camera so as to keep it up to date. With 3.4 million TomTom users this should make a pretty clear picture – presuming they give feedback.

The app also receives updates every minute meaning that even mobile speed camera traps can be spotted ahead of time, according to TomTom.

Corinne Vigreux, managing director for TomTom Consumer says: "We believe that a journey is far more enjoyable when you know what is up ahead. Our new Speed Cameras app gives Android smartphone users extra peace of mind and helps them avoid speeding fines. By becoming part of the TomTom driving community, app users will also benefit from the input of millions of other motorists on the road."

The TomTom Speed Cameras app is available now on Google Play for a free three month trial. After that time subscriptions will cost £2 per month or £15.50 per year.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 10 December 2014.