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(Pocket-lint) - TomTom has confirmed the pricing for its latest TomTom Go satnav devices that were announced in April.

The new TomTom Go comes in three sizes: 4.3, 5, and 6-inch displays, numbered as 400, 500 and 600 respectively and all offer the same functionality, so you can choose the model you feel offers you the right size for your car and driving needs.

The TomTom Go 400 will cost £159.99 with 45 European countries covered by the on-board maps. The TomTom Go 500 will be available in two forms: for £189.99 you'll get UK and Ireland, for £199.99, all of Europe.

For the largest device, the TomTom Go 600, again you have two options. The UK/Ireland version will cost £229.99 and the EU version will be £239.99.

The new TomTom Go comes in two different formats. The first, that we're giving the prices for here, is the Smartphone Connected format. This draws data, when necessary, from your existing smartphone. You'll connect via Bluetooth and this will let your navigation device provide things like real-time traffic information and speed cameras.

The major difference here from older versions is that HD Traffic is now included as standard: you no longer have to pay for a subscription. But you will be picking up the data tab when you feel you need that extra traffic information.

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Later in 2013, TomTom will be releasing the Always Connected versions of the new TomTom Go and that will come with its own SIM card and data connection, presumably at greater cost.

We'll be bringing you a full review of the new TomTom Go as soon as we can get one into the office.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 14 June 2013.