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(Pocket-lint) - TomTom has lifted the lid on a concept that it sees as the future satnav solution for the everyday commuter. Currently called the "Commuter concept" the device will be targeted at the - you guessed it - commuter who, despite already knowing their route to work, could benefit from live traffic updates to avoid any hiccups on the roads. But do we really want or need such a device?

Speaking at TomTom's product launch in Amsterdam, Netherlands, global head of marketing Gary Raucher revealed figures - yes, we know, boring flow chartiness - that showed how a large percentage of drivers don't use in-car navigation systems and have no intention of doing so. Why? Well, because the known route is just that: a familiar, auto-pilot journey.

Much like the latest TomTom Go stanav products - also announced at the launch, alongside Runner and Multi-Sport GPS sports watches - which can sync with a smartphone device to transmit live data to the TomTom device, the Commuter will be designed to tap into this same idea.

Estimated time of arrival, comparative route options that show up on screen at key decision points and a mapped daily commute route are the key focuses of the device. We'd also hope that price is high up the considerations list - but there's no word about that as yet.

Design, of course, is a crucial element and it's here where the Commuter has gone in for a round interface akin to a car's often circular dash dial. There's no full information about what size and specs will be at this stage, but we can see the angle that TomTom's going for.

The concept may have its appeal, but with the likes of Nokia Here already capable of delivering a similar solution right now on Windows Phone 8 - other platforms are also available - is there any room for the TomTom Commute? Typically short routes to work won't require extensive battery life, so we're not entirely convinced that the market - on account of the smartphone - will be as big a resource as TomTom would like to think.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 18 April 2013.